Choosing an Immigration Attorney

Choosing an Immigration Attorney

The choice of an immigration attorney can significantly impact the outcome of a client’s future. Attributes such as education, experience, dedication, and good standing with the State Bar Association are essential. Other contributing factors that affect a client’s success and are highly valued traits are honesty, trust, and the law professional’s overall integrity.

An immigration attorney’s role is unique, as they represent clients in various legal practice areas related to constitutional law, criminal law, civil rights law, family law, and business law. An immigration attorney must be sensitive to foreign nationals’ plight and how their immigration status impacts them in many unrelated ways. They must be prepared to function in the ever-changing political climate, which brings about frequent changes in procedures and law. Under United States federal law, a licensed attorney from any state can represent clients throughout the nation for immigration law matters.

Do I need an Attorney?

An immigration case can be filed, processed, and argued without legal counsel. However, having an immigration attorney can vastly improve the chances for success. Many aspects of a case are best resolved with legal representation. Examples are appeals, cancellation of removal, applications with a history of criminal convictions, the complicated investor and employment-based visas, and prior application denials. Other problematic issues best handled by an immigration attorney are those who violate the terms of their stay in the United States or applicants with a medical or mental illness diagnosis. An attorney’s representation is a valuable commodity for unaccompanied minor children, violence against women, and other humanitarian relief programs.

Nationwide Representation for Immigration Law

The Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC has a proven record of success for immigration issues such as appeals, asylum, citizenship applications, legal certificates, cancellation of removal, visas, petitions, and employment-based immigration. We represent individuals in all matters and corporations wanting to employ foreign talent. We offer pro-bono services for unaccompanied minor children.

 Our law office offers the following:

  • We help our clients understand the options that best meet their goals and help them make crucial decisions.
  • Each case is unique, and our law firm looks to identify the risks of every case and offer creative strategies to mitigate those risks.
  • We collect and prepare the documentation for our clients promptly for the appropriate agency.
  • Our services include helping our clients prepare for their visa interviews and hearings to ensure they are familiar with the process. 
  • We present cases to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, state or federal immigration judges, and the Board of Immigration Appeals, the highest administrative agency for immigration laws.

The Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC offers a free initial consultation to review your circumstances and discuss your options.

Our law firm is dedicated to finding solutions for your immigration challenges, with a personal commitment to those whose rights are being violated. We pride ourselves on accessibility and responsiveness to our client’s needs to create an environment of trust. We communicate fluently in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. We are available to speak with clients during business hours and on the weekends if necessary. Let us help you navigate the complicated maze of immigration law as you venture on your journey to a better life. 

Contact the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC, at our Orlando, Florida office at 407-777-7106. We are available for appointments via phone or videoconferencing.