Civil Matters or Civil Actions

Corporate Contracts, Civil Actions, and Insurance Defense

Contracts are the foundation of a business. They define the terms and conditions of relationships and detail the expectations of both parties. A contract’s language must be unambiguous and the scope of services clearly outlined and agreed to by both parties.

The Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC reviews and drafts contracts and represents corporations in civil matters and civil actions. We diligently protect our clients’ interests and uphold the reputation of a business and its owners. We educate and counsel clients on corporate governance to establish and maintain their business in compliance and risk management matters. We review, draft, and format legally binding agreements with knowledge and experience.

Disputes and Insurance Defense

The purpose of negotiations and civil litigation is to honor an agreement and obtain fair compensation for harm or damages. The Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC protects insurance providers’ interests and corporate policyholders against unfounded allegations of liability. Civil actions in business entities arise from a variety of factors. Frequently negotiated and litigated disputes include a breach of contract, negligence resulting in personal injury, premises liability, property damage, and employment matters. In failure to pay disputes, a preliminary tactic before legal action can be a demand letter. We thoroughly investigate each case against a business, challenging its validity if it appears to be fraudulent, over-stated, or a false claim.

Comprehensive, Efficient, and Aggressive Representation

At the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC, we pride ourselves on giving each of our corporate clients the personalized attention they deserve. We remain current and well versed in state, federal, and insurance laws and regulations. We know that every case is unique, and the outcome can affect a business’s reputation and future success.

Contact the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC for a consultation to discuss your business goals and concerns. Our office is located in Orlando, Florida, and we can be reached to schedule a phone or videoconference appointment at 407-777-7106.