Community Giving

Community Giving

Attorney Ilia Garrity Lopez is an advocate for justice for the immigrant community. She cares deeply about foreign nationals in the United States and those that are struggling in their homeland. Her law firm takes pride in serving those with legal matters that threaten their families, homes, and careers. Aligning her particular interests and skillsets to help others, she finds giving back to the immigrant community professionally and personally rewarding. Her commitment to the community extends to a wide range of activities, including pro-bono representation, acts of service, and charitable donations.

Pro-Bono Representation

Unaccompanied immigrant children are those minors who enter the United States without a parent or legal guardian. They have often been separated from their parents and legal guardians, leaving them to fend for themselves. These children are the most vulnerable population, often plagued by poverty, domestic abuse, and violence from criminal and political organizations. The Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez offers pro-bone legal representation to guide immigrant children through the complicated immigration system. It gives them a chance for a better future through asylum and a special juvenile classification.

Acts of Service

Attorney Ilia Garrity Lopez volunteers for the community, ensuring those in need get legal assistance for immigration matters. She has worked along non-profits in Central Florida to provide access to justice for low-income immigrants. The agency offers services to those in need, such as adjustment of status, citizenship, violence against women issues, and other critical immigration concerns.

Charitable Donations

Most recently, the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC has partnered with individuals in Honduras. They will be distributing donations to families who have been heavily affected by Hurricane Eta. The law firm collects shelf-stable food, essential items, and cash donations for the thousands of displaced persons from their homes. It is one example of the many charities that the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC has contributed to, in the United States and abroad.

At the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC, we are always seeking to expand our community outreach for meaningful causes on a case by case basis. If you are seeking legal services or need assistance, contact our office at 407-777-7106.