Strategic Solutions for Achieving Immigration Status

Immigration status is defined as how a person is present in the United States. Immigration law is a complex set of regulations and court rulings that are continually evolving. They are the pathway for foreign nationals that seek to live in this country lawfully. To achieve immigration status in the United States, an immigrant endures a lengthy and complicated process. An experienced immigration attorney can bring solutions for those seeking immigration status with the most favorable outcome.

At the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC, we successfully represent foreign nationals seeking asylum, visas and humanitarian relief, and defend clients in removal proceedings. We help United States citizens and legal permanent residents bring their loved ones into the country. Our law office helps businesses seek lawful employment-based residency for skilled foreign employees to enter the country. We strongly advocate for humanitarian relief for persons who fear persecution if they return to their country, those who qualify for the Violence Against Women Act, or Unaccompanied Immigrant Children.

There are several categories of immigration in the United States, including:

  • A United States citizen who is born in this country or has achieved naturalization status after being a lawful permanent resident for several years. Naturalized residents are foreign-born individuals who meet all the requirements to become a United States citizen. This status qualifies a person for public benefits and the ability to work legally, without the possibility of deportation. United States citizens and naturalized residents can petition for legal status and entry into the country for a family member or employee.
  • A legal permanent resident is an individual who has been issued a green card, thereby being granted the authority to live and work in the United States permanently. Generally, a family member or employer sponsors this person, or they have refugee status, have been granted asylum, or other humanitarian relief. They can reside in the United States without restrictions, and they may receive public benefits and own property. They can apply to become a United States citizen after some time and if they meet the requirements.
  • A conditional resident is a person granted a valid green card for a period of two years. To remove the condition, they must file a petition within 90 days of the green card’s expiration or face deportation as an undocumented resident. Conditional status is generally authorized through marriage. 
  • Non-Immigrants are persons in this country who are here temporarily, with a legal visa. Examples are students, tourists, fiancées of citizens, those requiring medical treatment, and journalists.
  • Undocumented immigrants have entered this country illegally, without going through an appropriate point of entry, or have violated the terms of a visa. These persons are not authorized to live, work, or receive public benefits and are at risk of deportation at any time. 

The Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC provides Caring, Compassionate, Aggressive Representation

Attorney Ilia Garrity Lopez has been helping those who seek immigration statuses since 2012. She remains current on the changes in immigration procedures and law at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and other state and federal entities. For undocumented immigrants, there are legal options that can help you stay in the United States.

To schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Ilia Garrity Lopez, PLLC, call our Orlando, Florida office at 407-777-7106. We offer a free, initial consultation for most services to explore your immigration questions and concerns. We have the knowledge and dedication to protect your interests in your journey to achieve immigration status.